Jobless Stay-Home Dad Reveals…

"His $178.57 Per Hour Blueprint For An Easy-To-Start Home-Based Small Business!"

Just An Hour A Day Work with $2 Investment

Dear frustrated friend,

Did you know? With THIS breakthrough business opportunity, you’ll virtually have your own franchise WITHOUT spending monthly fees on

  • Rent that eats into your profits big time.
  • Renovation costs.
  • The high cost of stocking products.
  • Hiring employees.
  • Outrageously high Franchise fees.

FACT: According to the U.S. Labor Department the nation’s ailing economy has shed 6.7 million jobs with a record-breaking 6 million Americans out of work for more than 6 months.

Millions Americans are unemployed, homelessness with a record-breaking

And if you still have a job, consider yourself lucky…believe me, there’s not too many people that can say that. But even if you have a job, what those numbers above indicate is that you can’t trust a damn thing these days about job security.
Once you hit 40, you will experience age discrimination in job market.

It does not matter…

  • If you have earn a professional certificate over 10 years training.
  • If you have an excellent long years working experience.
  • If you keep yourself young look, healthy and fit.
  • If you have always keep updated with the latest job skill.

The hard truth: Companies Do Not Favor Hire Older Workers.

The employers are in business to make profit. Their interests is to continue to keep running cost low to stay competitive, to increase company revenue, to survive. They are always looking out for lowers wages, paper qualified, regardless experience and younger job seekers globally, to replace your years hard earn position.

We live in a world with less & less job security. Is the AX swinging toward your Job?

Is your Job Paying You enough  to elegant Early Retirement?

So what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is for you to wake up, smell the coffee, and plant a few seeds to set yourself up for huge paydays with your own business and….

  • Stop nickel and diming through your entire life.
  • Stop living pay check to pay check.
  • Stop working your tail off and bending over backwards….

All for what?
To please your boss, to show that you’re a team player, to get paid crumbs while everyone else enjoys the fruits of your labor?

Scolded by boss

Come on….I know that’s the bull they feed you, but believe me, there’s so much more that life has to offer you.

Besides, if you’re like most smart and aspiring business people who want something better for themselves and their family, I’m sure…

  • You’ve thought about it.
  • You’ve dreamed about it.
  • You’ve talked about it.

Now, today is the day for you to finally break free, make a 6-figure income, and live the stress and debt-free life that you truly deserve!

If this is what your heart truly desires, then I have good news for you……

Your days of punching a clock are over & your life as your own boss starts TODAY…IF you want it to…

Punching a clock is over, now be your own boss

Fast cash is what I like. Fast cash is what you like. Truth be told, fast cash is what everybody likes.

The problem, however, is that with the Internet, schemes, and whatnots, it’s easy to become confused as to what’s a legit opportunity and what’s a flat out scam.

Well, that’s where I come in…….and hey, don’t I have an opportunity for you.
It’s a business opportunity that has taken ordinary people, just like you, from struggling to make ends meet to reeling in thousands of dollars a month in pure profits.

Legally, I cannot tell you this opportunity will put a 6-figure income in your pocket!

Let’s be realistic though. Please don’t expect to make these kinds of figures anytime soon.
The good news is there are people already getting a steady, realistic, consistent full-time income.

That’s right. Take a good look at your bank account as it is right now.
Do you see or know how much money is in there?

Well, with this well documented information and successful business opportunity, you may be $100,000+ richer soon than with your job!

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself so you’ll know exactly….

Who the hell am I to tell you all of this?

bHIP Southeast Regional Director Anthony Fong (black jacket) & I

Hi there, this is Edwin Kor, no one special, just an ordinary person has a big dream like you. Not too long ago I was in the exact same position you’re in right now: Looking for a way out. A way out of the rat race we all call our 9 to 5 and just plain wanting something better for my life.

Believe me, I wanted it so bad that I too fell for a few of those…..

  • Pyramid schemes.
  • The mail order programs.
  • HYIP games
  • Autosurf programs.
  • Stock trading, where you risk virtually everything that you’ve ever worked for.
  • The gift-giving programs where others “forget” to give you a gift.

Make Lossses

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably …

  • Bought every “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET” program under the sun. Only to find out that almost all of them are a complete waste of time and money.
  • Become sick and tired of all the GURUS telling everyone how easy it is to “GET RICH OVERNIGHT”, especially when you’ve been trying for years with little or no results!
  • Been given ADVICE from so-called “EXPERTS” that either flat out didn’t work or produced pathetic results. Obviously they keep their best secrets to themselves!

Bottom line is this: If you’ve tried to make money on the internet before … but failed miserably — then stay here and read this letter, because I’ve got some great news for you!

I’ve seen it all, tried them all, been there, done that, and have been told every cotton-picking lie in the book, but the good news for you is that YOU don’t have to go through all of that.


Because through all of my years of trial and error trying to make it as a business owner, I finally stumbled across an OPPORTUNITY that REALLY WORKS and is 100% legit.

So what’s the opportunity?

If you’ve ever wanted to make money on the internet, but you have no product, no computer skills, little money and zero experience, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

This home-based franchise-like business is a great alternative to expensive franchises or traditional businesses, and “Start Small Business org” will assist you start yours. It’s called network marketing. You buy the product because you’ve heard or read good reviews about it and then share the product you like.

You share the product you enjoyed

But You Don’t Get Paid for promoting products for a regular company.

Unlike a conventional company spending millions and millions on an advertising budget. A network company re-allocate the advertising budget to pay you commision once you’re their member and promoting their product.

The network company that you’ll have a stake in, which is….

bHIP Global….

Start Small Business at bHIP Global and partner with CEO Terry LaCore

If you want a brand that speaks of integrity, success, and high profits, from the day it began, bHIP Global is that company…..and, TODAY, you’ll have the opportunity to become a part of it as a business owner.

bHIP Global is unique in the fact that over 7 years and 30 million USD has been invested in company infrastructure and framework with a proven management team with personnel in over 30 countries around the world.

bHIP Global is privately owned and powered by a global platform that launch 35 countries in 30 months. bHIP Global launched in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

But check this out: bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce “a new breed of energy” into the marketplace

bHIP Global Energy Products

The propriety energy blend formula that is a “herbal clean energy” is considered a category creator in the beverage industry. bHIP Energy is a premium beverage offered to consumers in the Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovenia, South Pacific Islands, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and United States.

bHIP Global has branches in many countries

This high-impact product, in which YOU will profit from as a distributor and owner, has people feeling the results in minutes and lasting for hours.

But besides the fact that with this unique business opportunity, you’ll become a part of:

  • An already established business to ensure your success.
  • A company with a solid reputation & huge consumer following.
  • An industry with billions of dollars in consumers demand.

    30 Billion Sales A Year for Superfruits

  • A recession-proof business.
  • A company with a solid reputation & huge consumer following.

bHIP Global continue to expand. The company merged with Velocity International Company to introduce a powerful New Product and new enriched Compensation Plan. bHIP Global Started this Very Profitable Compensation PLAN for their members.

What’s the new product?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the already developed & in demand product you’ll get…

In a nutshell, the product: The Patagonian Maqui Juice is the latest addition to the list of SuperFruit juices being marketed.

But unlike its peers, this one’s a revolution!

The primary ingredient in this SuperFruit juice is the Maqui berry (no prizes for guessing).

Mapuche Indians in Patagonia

521 years ago, the Mapuche Indians, a race native to a vast area of South America, discovered the wonder fruit and used it to resist the feared Spanish from the 16th to the 19th century.

No other race managed to resist invasion for a whopping 300 years, not when the Spanish had their all-conquering Conquistadors!

The reason for this was simple: They used the Maqui berry in their food, beverages and medicine.

And this made them bigger, stronger, smarter, faster and healthier than their enemies!

Fast forward 200 years later. An A-team of brilliant scientists, headed by Dr Roy Brabham, developed the Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice.

Dr. Roy F. Brabham developed Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice

But let me go 1 step further. Let me show you exactly why the Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice is so incredibly powerful.

The doctors and research scientists at bHIP Global created a blend of 5 super unique ingredients that will undoubtedly offer profound benefits for thousands of people:

“Maqui Berries”

  • Highest antioxidant fruit ever discovered
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Anti-aging
  • Boosts strength, stamina and increases energy levels
  • Clears skin and helps protect against sun damage


bHIP Global Testimonial - Annie Gan

bHIP Global Testimonial - Lynda Raduan

bHIP Global Testimonial - Angie

bHIP Global Testimonial - Indonesian Workers

bHIP Global Testimonial - Richard

bHIP Global Testimonial - Pak Subahan


  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Improves health and extend life span.
  • Helps protect against cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • 1 oz serving contains as much resveratrol in 7 bottles of red wine

Imagine looking 65 years old when you are 95!!

bHIP Global Testimonial - Dr. Jeannie

“Aloe Vera”

  • Helps type 2 diabetes patients
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Improves bowel regularity
  • Promotes balanced body and support body’s self-healing ability.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain from arthritis, joins and muscles.


bHIP Global Testimonial - Haji Raduan

bHIP Global Testimonial - Lim Chai Hum

bHIP Global Testimonial - Mr. Genesan

bHIP Global Testimonial - Mdm Kong

bHIP Global Testimonial - Mr. Kek

bHIP Global Testimonial - Mdm Molly

“Ionic Sea Minerals”

  • Assist with the absorption of nutrients.
  • 70 major and trace minerals in ionic form are easily absorbed
  • Maintenance of proper acid-base balance in our body.
  • Detoxification of our bodies.
  • Proper functioning of the liver and kidneys.


bHIP Global Testimonial - Carol

bHIP Global Testimonial - Pak Subahan

“Super Berry Blend”

  • Concentrated blend: strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, raspberries and elderberries.
  • Adds an additional source of other important antioxidants
  • Delicious flavour



What Others Are Experiencing…

bHIP Global Testimonial - Jimmy Ooi

bHIP Global Testimonial - Eva S

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.


Here’s why people love this product so much & why it sells so fast with virtually NO marketing..….

Over the past decade or so, people across the globe have become more aware or more self-conscious when it comes to their health.

People truly want to live healthier lives. The problem, however, is finding the right product that provides them with a healthier lifestyle.

The Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice, however, has now been documented through clinical trials and tests to be one of the few REAL healthy products to use. Just wait till you sink your teeth into the sweetest, juiciest, most mouth-watering Patagonian Maqui Berry juice you’ve ever drank!

Simply put: It’s the KING of all Super-Fruits and is more powerful than…..

  • Acai berry
  • Blueberry fruit
  • Pomegrante
  • Mongosteen
  • Goji berry

Maqui Berry is the King of all Superfruits

The following graphs show the extraordinary antioxidant strength of the Maqui Berry as compared to some other superfruits.

Superfruits' ORAC Chart

Superfruits ORAC table

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of any food basically tells you how powerful of an anti-oxidant it is. So, the higher the score, the better. And, of course, the Maqui Berry is the world’s highest known superfruits of anti-oxidants.

Let’s face it…

We are living in an environment full of crap that daily grinds our health

Modern diseases

  • Every year, a trillion gallons of untreated water and industrial waste are discharged into reserved waters.
  • 250 million cases of water-based diseases annually cause more than 5 million deaths.
  • Motor vehicle exhaust contributes up to 95% of carbon monoxide emissions in cities.
  • Large farms generate hydrogen sulfide, a gas that can causes flu-like symptoms; high concentrations can lead to brain damage.
  • There are 41% of all insecticides used on corn In the U.S.
  • Daily use of high-energy stuff, such as microwaves, cell phones, radio transmitters, wireless devices and computers generates radiation pollution causing serious health risks. Many pay for the price at a later date with cancer or death.
  • Various vegetables may get contaminated with toxic bacterial strains like polluted soils, solid wastes and toxic chemicals from pesticides, insecticides, and/or herbicides.
  • Animal feed contains antibiotics and possible toxic chemicals that may be retained into animals and humans after we’ve eaten.

Can you protect yourself and your loved ones against environmental pollution?

Dr. Ward Bond, Nutrition Educator, talked about the health benefits of the renowned Maqui Superberry on ABC News.

Dr. Ward Bond compare superfruits

He has explained the role that the Maqui Berry’s high level of antioxidants plays in combating oxidative stress caused by pollution, chemicals in our water, air, and food supply.

Dr. Whiting has discussed antioxidants, and how they can be used to combat the adverse effects of free radicals in our bodies, the cause of many problems associated with Aging, hair loss and cellular DNA damage.

Antioxidants and Free Radical Prevention Lecture by Dr Whiting

Dr. Whiting said by combining various antioxidants together can achieve greater protection. “With an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity [ORAC] that is 3 times more than Acai, Maqui Berry contains the greatest number of antioxidants ever discovered in any fruit.

The maqui berry has been covered wide range of  public media

The maqui berry has been covered by BBC radio, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and Los Angeles Times.

Module x

“How Does It Works To Our Body?”


  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Burn fat deposits in ALL problem areas
  • Keep excess weight off
  • Boost user’s metabolism, so their body will have the ability to burn fat 24/7
  • Fight off toxins and free radicals that cause serious illnesses, such as high blood pressure, clogged arteries, obesity, and even cancer

Besides the fact that by becoming a part of this business, you’ll help people live healthier lives forever,

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 1 year from today. You could also:

  • Go from being dead broke to being $100,000 + richer.
  • Be debt and stress-free.
  • Be able to quit your day job and be your own boss.
  • Be able to start you own business and work whenever YOU feel like working.
  • Experience the level of success that top CEOs experience day-in and day-out.
  • Have the resources to purchase your dream home, car, or whatever you so desire.
  • Be able to take luxurious vacations and explore the world and spend more time with your family.
  • Be able to take air taxi wherever the heck you feel like you want to go anytime, anywhere, a short or long trip.
  • Finally feel complete, happy, and free to live your life the way you want to.

SHOCKING Report Reveals…

You can see that the bHIP Global company has gained some popularity recently…

bHip Global Daily Reach Traffice Rank

Not only has bHIP Global been receiving a steady upward flow of visitors daily, it’s also the top MLM performing company!

bHIP Global in the MLM Top Performers List

As you can see, the bHIP Global company is a hot company that many people want to get into. They have seen the potential this MLM company can bring to their wealth and health in the long term.

Before we get there though, here’s one report that’s going to blow your mind…

4 out Top 10 MLM Earners come from Same Company.

Incredible isn’t it?

It’s possible for YOU to earn $200,000 to $1,000,000 Every Month in the MLM industry

Now, you have to ask yourself… Does your full time job have the potential to let you make that much in one YEAR? If not, you should do yourself a favor, read on…

Here’s another interesting fact for you: A massive 40% of the world’s top 10 from the list of MLM TOP EARNERS all operate in a company that has a similar Compensation Plan and product as bHIP Global.

For your information, this company is just over 5 years old and their distributors are making the same amount of money as other 50 year old company’s top leaders. And, the older companies use traditional compensation plan systems.

Now…you too can achieve the same kind of income with a success formulae by using bHIP Global’s highly profitable Binary System.

With that said,

The Amazingly 3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Start Small Business Step 1 Sign Up online as an Independent Member.

As usual, you need to be at least 18 years old. Get ready some data to fill up form such as security code, Credit Card, your email address and your unique URL for replicate company web address (to appear in this format

Start Small Business Step 2 Purchase the Global Software System

Each order of Global Software System (GSS) is 12 months term, only $49.95 and keep your business open.

With the purchase of your Global Software System (GSS), you will receive:

  • Your personal replicate BHIP Global marketing website.
  • An online secure payment Retail Cart. You can hand-off and let it drop-ship to your customer.
  • Access to full back office service to withdraw your commission and monitor your sales, etc.

Start Small Business with worry free e-Commerce website and Drop-ships system

Start Small Business Step 3 Choose Your Bonus Earning Rank

Choose one of the three Commission-able Ranks to Earn Money with the BHIP Global Compensation System. The three Commission-able Ranks are: Distributor, Executive and Professional.

Start Small Investment Business


Combine easy 3 steps to sign up bHIP Global with a click of button

Start Small Business Join Now

Here’s how you get paid…

There are Six Sources of Income to Earn Money with the BHIP Global Compensation System:

Start Small Business to earn bhip global Retail Bonus

As a BHIP Global Member, you may purchase products at wholesale and earn a retail profit of up to 30% on every product sold.

How much is one bottle of Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice?

A blend of 5 super ingredients in Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice

That’s a Super Fruit Juice worth total of $150, but you can purchase it online at $50. That’s a steal!

Order bHIP Global Product Now

Your Referring ID is “registration“.

Shhh…Do you know?

  • One shop in Singapore is selling at US$68.
  • One shop in Cambodia is selling at US$150.

Start Small Business to earn bhip global Turbo Bonus

“How Turbo Bonus Works?”

Start Small Business to earn Turbo Bonus by enrollment new member

Turbo Bonus was designed to reward you when you:

  • You are enrolled as Commissionable Ranks member and active.
  • Each time you personally sponsor a new Commissionable member.
  • The Turbo Bonus is based on your new member enrollment order.

Start Small Business to earn bhip global Star Maker Bonus


“How Star Maker Bonus Works?”

Start Small Business to earn Star Maker Bonus by helping direct downline

Earn a Star Maker Bonus of US$100 when you:

  • You are enrolled as Commissionable Ranks member.
  • Personally sponsor a Commissionable Ranks member (your 1st level).
  • Your 1st level member sponsors two (2) new Commissionable Ranks members, one on his/her left side and one on his/her right side (your 2nd level).
  • In this case, your 1st level member becomes a Star, therefore you’re rewarded with a Star Maker Bonus. .
  • You are only allow to earn one time Star Maker Bonus for each 1st level member.
  • You must maintain monthly Autoship at least 18 PV.

Start Small Business develop two teams and to qualify earn team bonus

Start Small Business to earn bhip global Team Bonus

“How Team Bonus Works?”

Start Small Business develop two teams and to qualify earn team bonus

You may begin to develop two sales teams, a Left Sales Team and a Right Sales Team. The two sales Team are include your personal sponsored tree plus overflow from your upline team.

  • When one sales team have generated 150 BV in Total Group BV (Pay team).
  • Your other sales team has generated 225 BV in Total Group BV (Power team )
  • You have completed a sales cycle and in turn will earn a Team Bonus of US $25.
  • An Team Bonus is allowed to reach a maximum of US $30,000 per week.
  • Any accumulated BV that remains unused after commissions have been calculated will carry forward for payment in future weeks as long as you remain active.
  • The maximum amount of carried forward unpaid accumulated volume is 250,000 BV.


Here’s A Team Bonus Example

Start Small Business Calculate Team Bonus example

At the end of the commission week, your Left Sales Team’s accumulated volume is 750 BV, and your Right Sales Team’s accumulated volume is 1425 BV.
Lower volume (750 BV) is your pay side and higher volume (1425 BV) is your power side.

At Pay team: 750 BV divided by 150 BV = 5 sales cycles.
At Power Team: 1425 BV divided by 225 BV = 6 sales cycles

Lowest sales cycle = 5 sales cycles

Your Team Bonus = 5 sales cycles x $25 = $125

After commissions have been paid:
Your Left Sales Team carryover volume = 0 BV
Your Right Sales Team carryover volume = 1425 – 225 x 5 = 300 BV


Start Small Business to earn bhip global Leadership Matching Bonus

“How Leadership Matching Bonus Work?”


  • You must be enrolled as Professional Rank.
  • You must maintain monthly Autoship at least 72 PV.
  • You can earn Leadership Matching Bonus Every Week.
  • Your qualified Rank is determined by the amount of the BV generated from your dual team, which is generated within the 4 most recent rolling weeks.
  • Your qualified Rank is also determined by the number of active left and right side personal sponsored.
  • Minimum a qualified Bronze Rank is entitled to Matching Bonus.
  • Matching bonus is pays you up to 7 levels of your personal sponsored tree
  • You earn 10% each earning from their Team bonus.

bHIP Global’s Leadership Matching Bonus

RankPay Team BVPower Team BVPeople Personally Enrolled1st Level2nd Level3rd Level4th Level5th Level6th Level7th Level
Bronze1,0001,5001 Person Per Team10%
Silver2,5003,7502 Person Per Team10%10%
Gold10,00015,0003 Person Per Team10%10%10%
25,00037,5004 Person Per Team10%10%10%10%
1 Star Platinum50,00075,0005 Person Per Team10%10%10%10%10%
2 Star Platinum100,000150,0006 Person Per Team10%10%10%10%10%10%
3 Star Platinum200,000300,0007 Person Per Team10%10%10%10%10%10%10%


Join as Professional to earn Potential bHIP Global Matching Bonus

Imagine, for a moment, what a 36 millions annual return can do?

Start Small Business to earn bhip global Leadership Bonus & Reward

“How Leadership Bonus & Reward Work?”

Start Small Business earn Leadership Bonus & Rewards

  • You must be enrolled as Professional Rank.
  • You must maintain monthly Autoship at least 72 PV.
  • You can earn Leadership Bonus & Reward for each rank achieved for one time only.
  • You can earn Leadership Bonus & Reward for each rank achieved only in consecutive order.
  • Your qualified Rank is determined by the amount of the BV from your dual team, which is generated within the 4 most recent rolling weeks.
  • Your qualified BV has to be able maintain two consecutive calendar months.
  • Your qualified Rank is also determined by the number of active left and right side personal sponsored.
  • Minimum a qualified Ruby Rank is entitled to earn Leadership Bonus & Reward.
  • Leadership Bonus & Reward pays you up to 9 Ranks.
  • Leadership Bonus & Reward pays you up to USD 5,000,000.


bHip Global's Mega Leadership Bonus & Rewards

RankPay Team BVPower Team BVActive Personal EnrollmentsCash Bonus (USD)Rewards
Ruby25,00037,5004 Left/ 4 Right$10,000
Emerald50,00075,0005 Left/ 5 Right$25,000
Diamond100,000150,0006 Left/ 6 Right$50,000
Blue Diamond200,000300,0007 Left/ 7 Right$100,000Custom Chopper or Custom Diamond Watch
Black Diamond400,000600,0007 Left/ 7 Right$200,000Custom Diamond Ring
Royal Diamond1,000,0001,500,0007 Left/ 7 Right$500,000Mercedes S550/SL550
Crown Diamond2,000,0003,000,0007 Left/ 7 Right$1,000,0004 Luxury Vacations
Imperial Diamond4,000,0006,000,0007 Left/ 7 Right$2,000,000Home Mortgage Retirement
Presidential Diamond10,000,00015,000,0007 Left/ 7 Right$5,000,0001% Share of the Global Sales Pool

17 Powerful Reasons Why bHIP Global’s Binary System Will Always Be Profitable For You

You can start your own business at only $210 with virtually NO maintenance…only $1 a day. You’ll be empowered with one of the bonus of up to US$150,000 Monthly.
That’s right, just for being a part of this amazing opportunity, you’ll have the chance to be rewarded up to $30,000 in bonus cash every week.

One Bonus Monthly Up to USD150,000

…And the months where there are 5 weeks, you could be rewarded an extra $30,000, making it up to $150,000 for the month. Excuse my French, but if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a shitload of cash JUST in bonus money!

Highest Cash Bonus in MLM Industry: Oh, may be I’m not aware. Can you Let me know another company which gives away more than TOTAL CASH BONUS US$8,880,000 just for one Bonus alone?

UNLIMITED WIDE INCOME: You can earn Unlimited INCOME by building an UNLIMITED WIDE frontline. In our Binary Plan, your personal sponsored tree can earn exactly like the classic Unilevel system bonus.

Unlimited income from unlimited wide frontline

UNLIMITED LEVEL INCOME: No matter how far down someone in your leg is, your earnings from their success won’t be diluted. You can earn UNLIMITED LEVELS from your dual team.

You can enjoy bonus from unlimited levels of downlines

EARN both UNILEVEL and BINARY COMMISSION from the Same Downline. Now… with the bHIP Global Marketing Plan’s Matching Bonus, it is combining of unlimited wide of Unilevel legs, and earn 10% each of your team’s Binary Bonus.

HIGH EFFICIENCY BUSINESS MODEL. Whenever you sponsor ONE new member, your Personal sponsored Team EXPANDS HORIZONTALLY, and your 2-leg Team automatically GROWS VERTICALLY at the SAME TIME.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY THAT YOU HAVE TO HANDLE TOO MANY FRONTLINES. In fact, your existing front-lines will be very happy more new frontlines be part of their 2-leg team.

NEW MEMBERS get motivated because they can experience fresh BV pouring in from upper and anonymous new members joining their leg! Even they haven’t started to learn the ropes.

You’re earning ON-GOING AUTOSHIP volume from anonymous who may NOT BELONG to your Personal Sponsored Team. Be it somebody you’ve sponsored, or somebody not in your personal sponsored tree, it’s doesn’t matter.

Earn beyond own personally sponsor tree

You may feel guilty SEIZE EVERY SINGLE FULL RECRUITMENT volume from some people who are not even in your personally sponsored team.

Tired Of PERSUADING CUSTOMERS to BUY PRODUCT MONTH AFTER MONTH? You DON’T have to! In reality, your can’t STOP your team members from buying Autoship Consecutively. Because they don’t want to lose overriding bonuses and TONS of sales volume!

You DON’T have to use HIGH PRESSURE to ask your PROSPECTS to JOIN you EARLIER! Experience network marketer know that positioning at top can fetch more business volume, especially in Binary plan.

You can Spill-Over new members away without lose a single Recruitment bonus and frontline related bonuses.

Spill-over new member under leg bottom

You are UNINTENTIONALLY KEEP YOUR TEAM MEMBERS MORALE HIGH, whenever you Spill-over. That’s a positive effect for your business growth.

No matter what POSITION are you in a LEG, You can get LEVERAGE PROFITS from your team.

BV generated at bottom, all on top gain 100% BV

Your RANK PROMOTION and COMMISSION in bHIP Global aren’t AFFECTED by YOUR DOWNLINE’s RANK TITLE. No breakaway in this system.

The Binary Pay Plan has stood the test of time for 20 years. It is a “safe haven” where you can relax without fear. It is a Proven system that works and has created thousands of millionaire networkers!

In fact, allow me to go 1 step further…..

You’ll get blown away when you know how much bHIP Global is actually Paying You More than its established Competitors!


bHIP Global's Monthly Maintenance Comparison

Monthly Maintenance …Save your investment 160% every Month and Earn 3 times of others.

  • You can Earn unlimited levels Team Bonus $30,000 weekly by spending only $50 a month for active low maintenance scheme, whereas at other company, the low maintenance shoots up to $130 a month and Team Bonus is $10,000 max.
  • The active low maintenance Saves you Up to $80 (160%) every month.
  • The active high maintenance is only $200 (4 bottles) a month. In other companies, it cost you 8 bottles at $230, spending an extra $30 per month.
  • No High inventory of Product for bHIP Global distributor. Common high stock problems at other companies causes increase distributor burden and high drop out rate. Also create chaotic product price war due to urgently force selling before expiration dates.
  • Your daily maintain is less than 2 dollars per day.
  • Low cost premium quality product maintenance will retain your team members as long term customers.
  • It’s Works extremely well in Low/medium/high income, highly populated countries.

bHIP Global's Turbo Bonus Comparison

Turbo Bonus

  • You can earn 2.5 times CASH Bonus than what others offer in Sponsoring 1 New Member.
  • The bHIP Global’s Professional Turbo Bonus equal to the low maintenance cost, other companies only give their distributor 15% sponsoring bonus of low maintenance cost.
  • To break-even for monthly low maintenance, as a bHIP Global Professional, you only require to sponsor 1 person. Other company’s distributors need to work harder than you that by sponsor 5-7 people within a month to use Sponsoring Bonus to break-even.

bHIP Global's Star Bonus Comparison

Star Maker Bonus

  • You can earn a whopping 400% more in Star Maker Bonus than what the other companies pay you.
  • You can earn 2x as much Turbo Bonus from the Star Maker Bonus. Other companies give you 1x as much in recruitment bonuses.

bHIP Global's Team Bonuses Comparison

Team (Binary) Bonus

  • You can have a Lucrative 6-Figure Monthly Income from the Team Bonus. At other companies, you can only get a maximum 5-figure Binary Bonus monthly.
  • You can earn 3 times more than other companies’ maximum limit with the Team Bonus.
  • To be exact, you can earn Up to $30,000 Weekly ($4,285 Daily). Other companies give you a $10,000 Weekly ($1,428 Daily).
  • Do you want to leave 67% of Team Bonus money on the table Every Week? At bHIP Global is 60%-40% split or Pay Team volume 150BV get $25, other company it’s a 50%-50% split or Pay Team volume 500BV get $50 . Most of the case, Power Team volume is much larger than Pay Team volume. So we usually work hard on our Pay Team. If your Pay Team volume is about 100,00o BV every week.  In bHIP Global Team Bonus is $16,667. At other company is $10,000You’ve loss your deserve huge profit 67%, it has been quietly suck by other company week after week!
  • Insane Return On Investment 2,400 times provide by bHIP Global Team Bonus. Other company is only 77 times.
  • You Earn More and Fast with minimum volume is only 30% of other companies’ requirements. bHip Global’s Pay Teams qualifying volume is 150BV, while others demand 500BV, over 3 times.
  • No Flushing but….. carryover any unused, accumulated BV up to 250,000 BV for future weeks when you keep active.

bHIP Global's Team Bonuses Comparison

Leadership Match Bonus

  • You need active high maintenance $200 (4 bottles) for Matching Bonus, you will save up to $30 compared to other companies. In other companies, you are required to purchase $230 or 8 bottles.
  • There is No LIMIT PER LEG CONTROL on bHIP Global Match Bonus to limit your Matching Bonus earning. But other company has a limit about $2,000-$3,000 for your every leg. According to the 20/80 rule, most leaders have few large legs that contribute 80% of overall volume, if you at other company, you will suffering great loss and only able to recap 20%.
  • The bHIP Global Match Bonus isn’t LIMITED BY your Rank, like other company. Obviously! This is Rank Limit Control similar to Stair-Step’s Breakaway killer rule. It sucks.
  • You can earn the Match bonus earlier when your Pay Team has reached 1000 BV per week. Other companies ask for minimum 2000 BV, double of bHIP Global requirement. You will MISS your Match Bonus from 1000BV – 2000BV
  • Your Match Bonus at bHIP Global is NOT affected by your downlines’ RANK. But other companies demand you to have ENOUGH AMOUNT of QUALIFIED RANKS downlines. Does this sound reasonable to you? Even your contributed overall sales volume has meet for the company, you may not get the deserve Match Bonus reward. Why should they ‘cut your pay’ for your incapable downlines?
  • The bHIP Global’s Match Bonus is a SIMPLE CALCULATION as compare to others. Because others using ALL KINDS of Invisible Bonus killer techniques to CUT YOUR HARD EARN PAY. The hidden killer techniques such as using a ‘pools share formula’, ‘fixed amount limiter’, ‘percentage to strangle your profit’, ‘awkward generation counting method’ and etc to make your bonus much thinner.

bHIP Global's Leadership Bonus and Rewards Comparison

Leadership Bonus & Rewards

  • You can Earn up to 9 levels of Leadership Bonuses & Rewards, instead of 7 levels for others.
  • You can Earn Leadership Bonuses & Rewards in a CASH BONUS of up to 5 Million USA DOLLARS in bHIP Global. Other gives the maximum of 3 Million Dollars, your potential of earning is 67% or $2,000,000 lesser.
  • You can earn Leadership Bonuses & Rewards with a TOTAL CASH BONUS of $8,880,000, the other highest I had found is $7,000,000, that’s mean short of $1,880,000 or 21% lesser. Don’t settle for 2nd highest.
  • Your bHIP Global Leadership Bonus is NOT AFFECTED by your Downlines Rank. Don’t fall for this trap with other companies using this method to control your earning.
  • Your bHIP Global Leadership Bonus & Rewards depends on Team BV and it will NOT BREAKAWAY from your downlines sales volume who have achieved a high BV. Avoid do business with other companies use this rule to easily cut your pay 80%.


  • You can earn retail profit and 5 types of Bonuses, other companies may provide you to have 8 to 10 bonuses. This is a trick that confuses people, more commission bonus is actually similar to cutting more slices from one cake, more cuts means the thinner you get in each bonus. Some bonuses are almost unreachable, they are just there for show to attract people. At the end of the day, the unclaimed bonuses really just eat into everybody’s share of the bonus.
  • You can take advantage of advanced eCommerce GSS that allow you work from home or any place or time you like. GSS let you retail the products and drop ship 30 countries worldwide, manage your team and your sales commission with few clicks. If you’re lazy, you can outsource to setup your marketing sale funnel integrate with GSS, start small business on fully autopilot making sales effortless while you sleep. While some traditional MLM companies are semi-internet-based using traditional paper form to sign up new member and go to office queue up to purchase product for maintain autoship. Is that productive and fun?


If You’re Anything Below A Professional, You’ll Never Break The 6 Figure Monthly Income Barrier

Look, only Professional members are eligible to earn leadership matches and rewards.

Start Small Business with potential earning affected by enroll rank

Ask yourself if you have a choice to choose your upline, would you like to join an upline who is enrolled as a Distributor, Executive or Professional?

I’d recommend you enroll in this business as a Professional member, so your prospects respect your opinion, commitment and endorsement even more. Because you’ll be able to relay the full benefits of a Professional member to them.

Start Small Business start with a Professional rank

Be a professional member and make the world your business – be a Diamond leader and make the world your playground.


I know how excited you are at the income prospects. You’re pretty overwhelmed too as well.
And this is where all the doubts start creeping in as well.
Can you seriously earn so much, so easily?
Will you really be able to get people to sign up under you?
Is it truly possible to make this business work for you?
It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?
I know. That’s what I thought too.


You don’t have to just take my word for it:

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

bHIP Global Testimonial - Hermita B.

Are you beginning to realise how easy it is to present this product as a powerful solution to your customers?

Isn’t marketing this product amazingly simple?

Well yea it is!
Now I know all of those testimonials sounded great, but I’m sure you know just as well as I do that the key to any program is to have guidance and training, so…

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As I stated earlier, I am serious about this business and I’m a professional member. I’m putting up this opportunity on the web to sponsor more people just like YOU, who truly want to be successful in life.

And since this business plan is based on the Binary system, which means your income really depends on your two legs and your personal sponsor team, if you join directly under me, you and I are positioned at one same leg, and whenever my new members join in, I will roll the new member at the end of one of my legs.

What this means is that YOU will have a 50% chances to get the business profit (BV) for my new member that joins in.

So now, you and I both have a leg that’s growing fast, which may ultimately become your power leg…or longer leg, giving you the opportunity to work and focus on your pay leg.

However, if you join to a weak upline, you may have to work hard on both legs.


I’ve got amazing news for you. You’re not going to be alone. No, you’re going to be part of my personal business team.

You’re going to succeed with this business, and I’m going to provide you helpful guide for you.

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Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #1 – “The Big Book Of Home Business Lead Generation Methods”

Start Small Business-Home Business Lead Generation Methods

  • 15 killer ways to bring in leads without even going Online
  • 27 full proof methods to generate traffic to your business via the Internet

Be careful. With so much traffic potential, you just might generate a heck of a lot more business than you can even handle.


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #2 – The Big Book Of Home Business Company Dictionary

Start Small Business-The Big Book Of Home Business Company Dictionary

Discover the secrets behind the success of 30 home based business opportunities and only apply what has been proven to work.

You’ll now be able to use these companies and make your very own home business a major success!


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #3 – 21st Century Home Business Strategy Blueprint

Start Small Business-21st Century Home Business Strategy Blueprint

Revealed! How to take advantage of the Internet and expand your home business with little investment. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 4 fantastic ways to recruit more people to your downline using the Internet
  • 5 incredible ideas to ensure you always get the maximum number of sign-ups without fail
  • A fail safe way to completely automate your recruitment campaigns. Now you can finally focus only making money!


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #4 – Blog Your Way To The Top Of Your Home Business Organization

Start Small Business-Blog Your Way To The Top Of Your Home Business Organization

Discover how you can start earning a 5-6 figure income from your home business using the power of blogs. Inside:

  • 4 key ingredients to making powerful blog posts every single time
  • How to outsource your blog writing… dirt cheap!
  • 2 of the best ways to make your blog a cash-generating machine and a business of its own
  • 5 tips to making your blog an authority site. Imagine how much money you’ll be able to generate then?


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #5 – Building Your Organization On Autopilot

Start Small Business-Building Your Organization On Autopilot

Discover how you can leverage the efforts of other people and blast your business to success!Uncover:

  • 5 mundane jobs you need to outsource
  • 5 best places to outsource Online
  • How to know which tasks you can outsource and which you must never


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #6 – Going Diamond: Stories Of Successful Networkers

Start Small Business-Going Diamond: Stories Of Successful Networkers

In just a few short moments, you’ll find out exactly how 7 top MLM earners make so much money from their business. And then you can replicate their strategies and become a massive success too!


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #7 – Home Business Video Marketing Secrets Exposed

Start Small Business-Home Business Video Marketing Secrets Exposed

One look at YouTube would reveal the obvious. Video marketing is extremely powerful. But only few actually get it right. And now, you can differentiate yourself and be amongst them!

You’ll discover:

The 4 types of videos that people love to watch. So that you can incorporate them in your video marketing strategies

  • 5 powerful reasons why you must use YouTube to promote your videos
  • 4 easy ways to make money off your own videos


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #8 – The Next Trillion

Start Small Business-The Next Trillion

Discover why MLM businesses are part of the next trillion dollar industry, and how you can ensure you get a slice of that enormous pie. Inside:

  • Discover the most lucrative types of products in an MLM business and how you can make money off them
  • 3 reasons why MLM is the best way to sell Health Care products (Hint: they’re also the most lucrative types of products!)
  • How you can get started right away with your own MLM business


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #9 – Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting

Start Small Business-Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting

This amazing bonus is all about growing your team without facing rejection or resistance from people. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • How to come out of MLM rejection for the last time
  • Secrets to getting prospects to come to you. You’ll never have to hunt for them again!
  • How to use rejection to make your business proposal a lot more attractive to prospects


Your Free Sure Fire MLM Training Manual #10 – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers

Start Small Business-The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers

You’ll discover to little known secrets all the MLM big names don’t want you to know! Discover:

  • The 7 critical changes you absolutely need to make to your mindset to become successful
  • How to apply these 7 secrets to your network marketing business


Your Free Special Bonus – Two-Page bHIP Global Compensation Plan Presentation Cards

Start Small Business-Two Pages bHIP Global Compensation Plan Presentation Cards

You’ll have 2-page presentation cards in PowerPoint file format allow you to:

  • Make quick compensation plan presentation only in 2 simple sheets
  • Customize to your personal data, your country currency, etc

–A $297.0 value, yours today for absolutely FREE!

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